Crystal Body Deodorant prevents odor before it starts

High Praise for Crystal Deodorants

Our deodorants are rated #1 by the Environmental Working Group for having the safest ingredients among natural deodorants and among mainstream commercial deodorants.

And Cancer Treatment Centers all over the country are recommending Crystal Body Deodorant to their patients.

High Praise for Crystal Deodorants

“Crystal Deodorant not only works, but is extremely reasonably price, which allows all of [our] patients to use this product.”  Read more - PDF

Texas Oncology
“As part of our information packet, we recommend that our patients use Crystal Body Deodorant.”  Read more - PDF

Kansas City Cancer Center
“The patients love it!”  Read more - PDF

St. Mary’s Medical Center
“It is reassuring to know that we can offer a product to [our patients] which does not contain any aluminum.”  Read more - PDF

OncoLogics Centre / Women
“I have been suggesting Crystal Deodorant for our radiation therapy patients for the past three years.”  Read more - PDF

Memorial Medical Center
“We have received many compliments on your product and now give a sample to each of our breast cancer patients.”  Read more - PDF

Provena St. Joseph Medical Center
“We have been directing our patients on Crystal for many years and have had no problems and our patients are pleased with the product as well.”  Read more - PDF

New York Oncology Hematology
“The purpose of this letter is to let you know what a great product you have.”  Read more - PDF

We thank these Cancer Treatment Centers and all those who are fighting for those who are fighting to survive.